Honda Jazz E-Brochure

WHIPLASH MITIGATING FRONT SEATS ADVANCED COMPATIBILITY ENGINEERING (ACE) AUTOMATIC TENSIONING SEATBELTS VEHICLE STABILITY AS- SIST (VSA) ANTI-LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM (ABS) AND ELECTRONIC BRAKE- FORCE DISTRIBUTION (EBD) AIRBAGS LED LIGHTS FOGLIGHTS EMERGENCY STOP SIG- NALS (ESS) REAR PARKING SENSORS HILL START ASSIST (HSA) VISIBILITY GLASS This technology helps keep the Jazz on course in adverse driving conditions by detecting, then mitigating, potential understeer or oversteer. When necessary, VSA automatically reduces engine power and manages brake pressure to individual wheels to help regain control. ABS provides superior stopping power. When emergency braking is detected, Brake Assist applies maximum braking pressure whilst EBD monitors and adjusts the brake force applied to each wheel for greater control and stability. For safer driving in foggy weather conditions. Hill Start Assist prevents ‘rolling back’ when starting on an incline. The system controls brake pressure, keeping the car stationary as you release the brake pedal and prepare to accelerate. The rear parking sensors trigger a sound that lets the driver know as soon as a car or object is getting close. The moment you’re involved in a collision, the same sensors that deploy the Jazz’s airbags automatically retract the front seatbelt. You and your passenger are instantly pressed back safely into your seats. The Honda SRS driver airbag system inflates at different rates depending on crash severity, seatbelt usage and a host of other factors. Dual front, side and curtain airbags are standard. This innovative body structure is engineered to absorb and deflect the force of a frontal collision away from the passenger compartment, improving the safety of every occupant. This innovative body structure is engineered to LED Day Time Running Lights and LED Headlights. An additional glass panel increases the driver and passenger’s field of vision, minimising those blind spots. In the event of a collision, the seatback springs are optimised so that the seat will more equally absorb the occupant’s impact, in a manner that can minimise the severity of whiplash injury. Emergency Stop Signal automatically controls the hazard lights in the event of hard braking to reduce the chance of a rear- end collision. The high-mounted brakelight also improves visibility.