Honda Jazz E-Brochure

Style and function in perfect synergy. Great functionality does not meanwe compromised on style. The Jazz’s eye-catching, contemporary styling ensures strong visual appeal, a linear and aggressive look, steeply raked windscreen and sculpted flanks come together to form a streamlined profile. The new Jazz’s assertive style is complemented by short overhangs, a tapering roofline and wheel arches. Carefully considered design elements contribute to an overall impression of dynamic poise and capability. On the practical side of things, the all-new body and chassis link reduced mass to increased rigidity. The new chassis accommodates a longer wheelbase, which benefits ride quality, directional stability and handling. We have updated the bumper design and added newly developed low rolling resistance tyres to reduce air resistance and improve fuel economy. We also added a chrome grille and rear combination light with a red LED lens to accentuate the curved exterior and keep you highly visible at all times.