We’re obsessed with safety. Honda knows that safety ismore important than any other feature in a car, and that’s why the HR-V is packed full of sophisticated engineering designed to give you the peace of mind you need.. The HR-V comes standard with ABS for superior stopping power. When emergency braking is detected Brake Assist applies maximum braking pressure whilst EBD monitors and adjusts the brake force on each wheel. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) Occasionally a situation requires sudden, heavy braking. The HR-V automatically flashes its hazard lights to alert those behind you when you stop suddenly. Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) A brilliantly innovative body structure means that the impact from frontal collisions is directed away from the passenger compartment. Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) The manual hand brake has been replaced with an easily activated parking brake switch. The clever Honda i-SRS driver airbag system inflates at different rates depending on the severity of the impact, seatbelt usage, and a whole host of other factors to keep you and your passengers safe. Front, side and full-length curtain airbags come standard. In adverse driving conditions, the HR-V is able to detect over-steer or under-steer, and automatically adjust its path for stability and safety. It can also manage brake pressure and engine power to help you regain control. Parking is easy when you can see everything behind you, all thanks to the wide rear view camera in the HR-V. When the driver brakes and stops the vehicle in traffic, remaining stationary for some time, the Auto Brake Hold is activated to hold the vehicle position. It is then automatically released upon acceleration. HSA prevents ’rolling back’ when starting on an incline. The system controls brake pressure, keeping the car stationary as you release the brake pedal and prepare to accelerate. Airbags Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) Electric parking brake Auto Brake Hold Hill Start Assist (HSA) Parking sensors produce an audible alert to let you know how much space exists between you and the nearest object. Parking sensors Rear view Camera