A stance with Strength . The Honda HR-V has dynamic styling, sophisticated looks and attitude, which, combined with its defined, sleek upper body, makes this an advanced and attractive SUV. However, the strong, sculptural lines evoke a sense of sports car as well as SUV, making it the perfect partner to any kind of driver. But the SUV side of it that makes it what it is: your essential adventure partner. To ensure you can take full advantage of a wide visibility range, the seats are positioned high in the vehicle. Ultimate traveller essentials like the front fog lights, 17’’ alloy wheels, shark fin antenna and tailgate spoiler command the attention the HR-V deserves. LED indicators are placed in the door mirrors, while highly attractive LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), LED auto-adjust headlights, and LED tail lights look sophisticated and emit a glow reminiscent of some future time. Every inch of the HR-V permeates the sense of adventure. From the rear door handles that are concealed just behind the window, to the stylish black grille and trim to the roof rails, it’s clear that the HR-V is exactly the kind of accomplice you want on your journey through life..